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How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Home?

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Be honest. How often do you clean your home? We know –the only task more daunting than cleaning is cleaning every nook and cranny of your home.

For those who dislike cleaning, rejoice! Not every area of your home needs to be cleaned every single week. You can get away with cleaning some parts of your home semi-annually or even annually. From ovens to carpets to bedsheets, we compiled a list of items and how often you should clean them.


Beds: Wipe down your headrest every week and clean your mattresses between every three to six months. As a DIY technique, rub some baking soda on the mattress with a dry brush. Remove the remaining baking soda after an hour.

Bedsheets and pillowcases: Wash them at least once a week. If you’ve just recovered from an illness, it’s also best to change them as soon as possible to get rid of germs.

Your bed sheets and pillowcases might look clean but they contain a ton of dirt, sweat, and body oils. Wash your sheets at the hottest temperature recommended on their care label.

Living Room

Sofas: Wipe down your sofa with a disinfectant cloth every week. Small bits of food may get stuck between crevices so it’s best to vacuum those areas once in a while. To avoid damaging your upholstery, you might want to consider hiring professional home cleaning companies every six months to one year.

Carpets: Vacuuming doesn’t count as carpet cleaning. Opt for professional steam cleaning every 6 to 12 months. Perry Maintenance makes use of hot water extraction technology to clean and restore your carpet.


Bathtub: No, your bathtub doesn’t clean itself each time you take a bath. Remember to scrub it down every week. While it may seem like a hassle, this is one step that should not be skipped!


Oven: Clean once every six months. Use a deep-cleaning spray or cream. To protect the interior of the oven, do not scour away tough grime.

Microwave: Wipe it down after every use. Do a deep clean twice a month with a DIY concoction. Simply mix half a cup of water and half a cup of white vinegar in a heat-safe dish. Microwave it until the window steams up, then clean the interior with a sponge.

Refrigerator: The refrigerator is supposed to be a clean place to store your food, right? Wrong. According to research, salmonella, yeast, and mold are commonly found in the refrigerator so clean it once a month to get rid of nasty bacteria.

Laundry Room

Washing machine: Make an effort to clean it at least once a month. Add a cup of white vinegar to the detergent drawer and run an empty hot cycle.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company Today

When was the last time you scheduled a deep cleaning for your home? Perry Maintenance provides professional cleaning and maintenance services for residential homes. Our cleaning services include daily domestic cleaning, one-off deep cleaning, equipment cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Call us at 6467-7220 to schedule an appointment today.

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Must-haves When Looking for Office Cleaning Services

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Many business owners share the anxiety over getting office cleaning services. With so many cleaning companies to choose from, where do you even start? You might also be wondering which is the right one. If you fit this description, you possibly don’t know the things to look for and can’t tell if that cleaning company in Singapore is the best for you.

So, to make the task of hiring office cleaners a little less anxious and complicated, here are five things you should consider.

  1. Experience

Experience tops the list of the things you should look for when seeking office cleaning services. Cleaning companies with many years of experience know exactly what they are doing and understand that each business facility has its unique needs.

And no matter how simple or difficult the task is, from floor care to high-pressure cleaning, you can have a sense of relief that the job will be done properly and delivered to the highest standards possible.

  1. Range of Cleaning Services

Your business facility might need more than just a standard cleaning service. You may likewise need debris removal, spray buffing or polishing, floor scrubbing and re-coating, etc. Before you hire an office cleaning company, create a list of all the services you need whether it’s daily or periodic. Then make sure that the company you choose in the end offers them.

You can easily know the services offered by visiting the company’s website, their social media platform available online or directly asking someone from the company for more details.

  1. Pricing

One of the most important factors when getting office cleaning services is pricing. Every business wants to hire someone who can perform the highest quality of work at the most affordable price.

When considering pricing into account, be reminded that getting the cheapest option does not equate to scoring a good deal. There are some companies that may offer you a very low initial quote to attract you but later on, charge you more for extra services. Therefore, it is wise to get three to five quotes and compare each one of them to see which one suits your needs and budget. Choose the one that provides the widest range of services at reasonable rates.

  1. Reputation

Nothing beats a good reputation, and one sure sign of a reputable cleaning company in Singapore is their list of customers and industries served. With numerous online reviews and social media platforms available online, it is easy to know about one’s reputation and how it did well in the industry.

  1. Timeliness

A good office cleaning company should be able to complete the task within the time frame and on schedule to prevent any service interruption. Hire someone who has the ability to do this.

Finally, hiring office cleaners can bring you peace of mind, but only if you’ve done your homework and considered the above-mentioned characteristics and factors. It’s necessary to find someone who is reliable and trustworthy to make the most out of your investment – turning your office into a conducive place where you and your employees can work confidently and productively.



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Things to Consider Before Hiring Professional House and Condo Cleaning Services

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In times of pandemic, such as today’s COVID-19 wreaking havoc, professional condo cleaning and house cleaning services are more important than ever. Why not? For sure, a significant number of us want to protect our loved ones (especially children and seniors) from the dreaded disease.

If you’re contemplating hiring a company that offers the said services, bear in mind that there are certain things that you need to consider, rather than hire the first one you encounter via the Internet or social media. That is because not all condo, as well as house cleaning service providers, are created equal. Therefore, it is best to practice due diligence before hiring one. In line with this, there are a couple of questions that you need to take note of before signing on the dotted line. Some of the most notable ones are tackled below. Read on.

What are the safety measures employed when cleaning?

The contractor that you are looking to hire should not only put a premium on the health as well as safety of their clients, but also those of their personnel. In line with this, it is best to do a quick online search or inquire via phone or email to clarify internal efforts on health as well as safety. 

A big plus is ensuring that each and every member of the condo as well as house cleaning team is given extensive training with regard to the best practices for disinfecting, cleaning, personal hygiene, and others. On top of these, a company that allows its personnel to stay home even if they are slightly unwell is definitely worth considering.

What disinfectants/cleaning solutions are used?

In the vast majority of cases, the disinfectants/cleaning solutions used can make or break a deal. Also, when it comes to this aspect, only go for condo as well as house cleaning service providers that only use government-approved disinfectant/cleaning solutions. This ensures that you will achieve the service you yearn for without compromising your health and well-being.

In line with this, it is important to ask how long or how often the disinfectant/cleaning solution is going to be applied. Well, the answer here may vary and may boil down to your needs, preferences, and budget. However, if your home has a suspected or confirmed case, additional applications are mandatory.

What disinfecting/cleaning methods are used?

Many professionals encourage spraying a particular approved product, letting it dwell on a surface for a set period before thoroughly wiping it with a microfiber cloth. It is best to pay utmost attention to this aspect because many herald this as the most effective and efficient method of disinfecting/cleaning. This also ensures that harmful elements that include the coronavirus are going to be thoroughly eradicated in the process.

How long will your surroundings remain disinfected?

In general, as long as you practice good hygiene and regular DIY cleaning–on top of professional cleaning–the effects of disinfection are going to last for at least a week or two. To add, if the whole process is performed in a careful and extensive manner, aside from the coronavirus (causes COVID-19), your abode is also going to be protected against allergens, bacteria, pathogens, and many others.

How much is the cost?

The cost of professional condo and house cleaning in Singapore services vary. This is because the said services depend on different factors that include the disinfectants/solutions that are going to be used, the area and material of the surface to be cleaned, and others.