Carpet Shampooing & Upholstery Cleaning


Restore the beauty of your furniture. You do not have to replace your comfortable pieces, preserve them with steam cleaning. All of our upholstery cleaning is performed with powerful steam cleaning system. Removes dirt and spots. High temperature kills germs safely.

Your furniture is a very important investment and Perry’s helps you to do the best on cleaning and taking care of it. Let our specially trained technicians do their work and you will see amazing results. Taking care of your furniture is definitely important for your home’s appearance and for your health. Our employees use special tools to gently clean upholstery, folds and crevices. You can be comfortable while Perry’s Cleaning Service is working in your home. We will do our best for your upholstered furniture, piece by

Our Process:

  • Apply non-toxic cleanser to pre-treat surface. Vacuum/steam clean what is trapped in material.
  • Dirt and pollutants come out. Clean furniture remains.
  • Pet stain and odor removal does work on upholstery.


Everybody wants a clean, shiny and beautiful house. It’s highly recognized by experts that having clean carpets is one of the most important steps to having a healthy house. That’s the reason why Perry’s Cleaning Service offers to clean and restore your carpet with a steam cleaning system with hot water extraction technology. Our cleaning system not only cleans but also protects your investment in your carpets.